Father's Day 2017 UK

Father’s Day 2017 UK

Below is the date for Father’s Day 2017 in the United Kingdom. You can share these dates with others by using one of the social buttons provided.

Year Month Day
2017 June 18th


Father’s Day is the chance for dads to enjoy the limelight with a day dedicated to showering them with gifts, cards and grand gestures or taking them for a memorable day out.

Unlike Mother’s Day, it does not have any religious connections or ties to other calendar events like Easter, instead it takes place on the third Sunday in June every year in the UK. Father’s Day 2014 falls on Sunday, June 15, while next year (2015) it will be marked on June 21st. The celebration takes place on the same day in the USA as it does in the UK, with many other countries around the world following suit in marking the occasion on the third Sunday of the month.

History Lesson

Father’s Day does not go back many centuries, but actually originated in the early 20th century. Celebrations in the UK were very much influenced by the American version of Father’s Day, which is largely credited to Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to dedicate a day to honour dads similar to Mother’s Day, paying tribute to her own father who raised six children on her own.

It took place in Spokane, Washington, on June 19 on 1910; the plan having been originally to hold it on her father’s birthday of June 5, but time constraints saw it being pushed back to the third Sunday of the month. After various political to-ing and fro-ing and campaigns from different quarters, President Nixon eventually declared the day a permanent national holiday in the States in 1972. While it is not a public holiday in the UK, the same date has been adopted this side of the pond.